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Rout Lëns

A new sustainable, innovative, model district in Esch-sur-Alzette

Lying south-west of Esch-sur-Alzette, between the town centre, the railway and the French border, the “Lentille Terres-Rouges” terrain has not been developed since 1977. The project known as “Rout Lëns” (meaning “red lentil”), is planned to give new life to this disused former steelmaking area by converting it into new sustainable, innovative, model district.
Focused primarily on its residents’ quality of life, the 10.5 hectares of the new Rout Lëns neighbourhood will contain a school, local shops and services, flexible and innovative work spaces, different types of housing, public facilities (transition centre, day nurseries, medical centre, etc.), leisure facilities (sports grounds, cafés and restaurants), public areas and green spaces. In a concern to preserve and enhance the industrial heritage, several buildings of particular interest will be refurbished.

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Above ground area
160.000 m2

On going development


The prime concern of the new Rout Lëns district is the quality of life of its residents and users.