Creating new spaces for working and living

We design Next Places: living and working spaces that respond to current challenges and those to come.

Since 1989

we have been boldly developing sustainable, agile, upgradable living and working spaces. Aware of the social and environmental transformations under way, we take action for a resolutely positive future.

Each place is singular; each concept is unique, and the occupant is always central to all our thinking.


A constant search for quality

We strive for excellence in everything we do. This aspiration, shared by the entire IKO team, pushes us to surpass ourselves and meet new challenges at every moment. It comes from a perpetual search for efficiency and quality, spurred by the desire to constantly reinvent ourselves.

Integrating all current issues right from the design phase.

From energy to health: An all-inclusive design

Our thinking goes far beyond the building itself. By integrating energy, mobility and environmental aspects into all our projects, we offer a quality of life and work that meets the challenges of our time.

We also want to promote the comfort and well-being of occupants. The health aspect is thus inherent to our projects and the efficient services we provide for daily comfort.

We want to encourage virtuous behaviour and more responsible consumption.
Sandra Huber
IKO Group Chief Development Officer
Tomorrow's real estate will need to be more sustainable, inclusive and flexible. As a planner and developer, IKO must anticipate these needs and respond to challenges by committing to societal and environmental issues in an innovative, responsible way.
By encouraging virtuous behaviour, we want all occupants to be able to manage their home or office more effectively, and contribute to more responsible consumption.

Rehabilitating industrial wasteland

The rehabilitation of industrial wasteland is a major challenge in sustainable urban planning. These abandoned plots lying on the outskirts of our cities are levers for urban renewal.

Renovating heritage buildings

These buildings, which tell the story of our region, are a means of passing on the past to new generations, ensuring that architecture rooted in our territory continues to exist, while adopting an approach geared towards new life rather than demolition.

Remediating polluted sites

Remediating polluted sites requires considerable expertise, but also revives areas that have often been abandoned.

Reinventing ourselves

We continually reinvent ourselves to devise new ways of living and working. Innovation is central to our design work.