Creating new spaces for working and living

Since 1989

we have been boldly developing sustainable, agile, upgradable living and working spaces. Aware of the social and environmental transformations under way, we take action for a resolutely positive future.

Each place is singular; each concept is unique, and the occupant is always central to all our thinking.

The Group

Ikodomos Holding

IKO is a part of Ikodomos Holding, a group with diverse activities, all entities of which form what we refer to as our Ikosystem. Operating in the real estate sector in Europe, its main lines of business are development and investment. This diversity of expertise fuels IKO teams daily, offering them the opportunity to enhance user experiences within our projects.

Our presence in Slovakia

As a player in European real estate development, IKO has been expanding its activities in the Slovak market since 2005 through its partnership with Lucron, a company specialized in large residential projects

With over 150 employees and 205,000 square meters already developed, Lucron offers projects that align with market expectations

Key facts

  • + 200 employees
    The group's ability to deliver large projects is made possible by our teams and the variety of expertise within the different entities
  • 9,539 residential units in design in 2023.
    Our residential projects are deployed across Europe and cater to the evolving ways of living in each market
  • 679,000 square meters developed since 1990
    IKO has experienced remarkable European growth through residential, urban, commercial, and office projects covering over 679,000 square meters
  • 1,117,500 square meters under development until 2040
    Our ambition is grand, allowing us to roll out an ambitious pipeline of projects.

Our values

Our commitment promise

We have chosen to build our model on a foundation of strong values that give meaning to our mission. They express our identity and carry our vision of a more responsible real estate. Our teams commit every day to embody these values and fulfill this commitment promise


We believe that the living spaces we create have the power to shape a more sustainable future by anticipating environmental and societal challenges. We are mindful of the world around us and consistently act to promote and support all communities within our ecosystem. This is at the very core of our purpose.


We strive for excellence in everything we undertake. This shared aspiration among talented individuals drives us to continuously surpass ourselves and take on new challenges. It is the result of an ongoing pursuit of efficiency, quality, attention to detail, fueled by the passion to continually reinvent ourselves, to design iconic, high-performing, and sustainable environments.


We believe in the power of collective intelligence and channel all our energy into the success of our missions, fostering a harmonious balance between company performance, social responsibility, and environmental awareness. Because the challenges ahead are immense, we are committed to a voluntary approach, seeking efficient solutions for a better future.


We nurture innovation and agility with openness, imagination, and freedom. This bold and curious spirit permeates all our architectural projects, fueling our creativity to push boundaries and explore new ideas. Mindful of nature’s preservation, we look to tomorrow to invent today new ways of living.

Value creation

At IKO, value creation is achieved through both rehabilitation projects and our innovative approach, as well as our ESG commitment.

Each of these facets contributes to our mission of transforming real estate into a source of sustainable opportunities and positive impact.

Rehabilitating industrial wasteland

The rehabilitation of industrial wasteland is a major challenge in sustainable urban planning. These abandoned plots lying on the outskirts of our cities are levers for urban renewal.

Renovating heritage buildings

These buildings, which tell the story of our region, are a means of passing on the past to new generations, ensuring that architecture rooted in our territory continues to exist, while adopting an approach geared towards new life rather than demolition.

Innovation Customer Centric

RWhether through our certifications (BREEAM, Well Building Standard, etc.) or our Smart Building developments, each innovation is developed with the aim of addressing a specific need of our clients.

Carbon neutrality

Our carbon trajectory is ambitious, aiming to be effective by 2025, and striving for carbon neutrality by 2040.

Reinventing ourselves

We continually reinvent ourselves to devise new ways of living and working. Innovation is central to our design work.