Pushing out the boundaries

We are committed to responsible real estate development. Every day, we strive to be proactive and responsible.

We want to offer a quality of life that meets the challenges of our time. In this, we anticipate societal changes, and confer with and assist stakeholders. We continually reinvent ourselves with a thoroughly pragmatic approach.

Our mission

The core of our thinking

We are keen to provide living and working spaces that are environmentally friendly, agile and upgradable, where residents can build and control a balanced life in tune with their community.


We believe the living spaces we design can shape a more sustainable future by anticipating environmental and societal challenges. We care about the world around us, and always act positively to foster and support all the communities in our ecosystem. This is central to what we are all about.


We cultivate innovation and agility with imagination, freedom and an open mind. This bold and curious spirit imbues all our architectural projects and fires our creativity, so that we are always pushing out the boundaries in a search for new ideas. We look to the future, inventing new ways of living today.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. This aspiration shared by talented men and women pushes us to constantly excel ourselves and rise to new challenges. It comes from a constant search for efficiency and quality, driven by a keen desire to continually reinvent ourselves, and design iconic, high-performance, sustainable environments.


We believe in the power of collective intelligence and devote all our energy to making our missions a success, promoting a harmonious balance between business performance and social and environmental responsibility. Given the sizeable challenges ahead, we are committed to a voluntary approach, seeking efficient solutions for a better future.

Tomorrow's real estate will need to be more sustainable, inclusive and flexible.
Sandra Huber
IKO Group Chief Development Officer
Tomorrow's real estate will need to be more sustainable, inclusive and flexible. As a planner and developer, IKO must anticipate these needs and respond to challenges by committing to societal and environmental issues in an innovative, responsible way.
By encouraging virtuous behaviour, we want all occupants to be able to manage their home or office more effectively, and contribute to more responsible consumption.


IKO certified a Socially Responsible Corporate Citizen

In January 2021, IKO was officially certified a Socially Responsible Corporate Citizen by the INDR (National Institute for Corporate Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility).

This label acclaims exemplary environmental, social and governance practices. The impartial opinion of the INDR strengthens our desire to drive continuous improvement and thus create shared value. It confirms our status as a responsible economic player that contributes to the country’s sustainable development.

To find out more, download our CSR report.


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