(Re)thinking real estate together

Be a player in the real estate of the future

Are you keen to take part in the creation of innovative, environmentally friendly living spaces focused on new lifestyles and ways of working?

Then take a look at IKO, with its company culture based on excellence, agility and engagement.

Our values

The foundation of our organisation

We decided to base our model on various powerful values that give meaning to our task. They express our identity and support our vision of sustainable, agile real estate that inspires people.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. This aspiration shared by talented men and women pushes us to constantly excel ourselves and rise to new challenges. It comes from a perpetual search for efficiency and quality, driven by a keen desire to continually reinvent ourselves, and design iconic, high-performance, sustainable environments.


We believe in the power of collective intelligence and devote all our energy to making our missions a success, promoting a harmonious balance between business performance and social and environmental responsibility. Given the sizeable challenges ahead, we are committed to a voluntary approach, seeking efficient solutions for a better future.


We cultivate innovation and agility with imagination, freedom and an open mind. This bold and curious spirit imbues all our architectural projects and fires our creativity, so that we are always pushing out the boundaries in a search for new ideas. We look to the future, inventing new ways of living today.


We believe the spaces we design can shape a more sustainable future by anticipating environmental and societal challenges. We care about the world around us, and always act positively to foster and support all the communities in our ecosystem. This is central to what we are all about.


Working in Luxembourg’s first Well Building Standard certified building

As Well 22 is Well Building Standard certified, we can offer a comfortable, flexible working environment designed for the well-being of its occupants.


A culture that fosters team building.

High standards and involvement are part of our daily routine, but at IKO we also pay close attention to the collective aspect and solid teamwork. Everything is done to promote a healthy, pleasant, constructive working atmosphere in terms of internal or external events, group activities and daily interaction alike.

If you share our values and our vision of the real estate world, come and join us!

Our latest offers

We are constantly looking for new talent. So feel free to send an unsolicited application to careers@ikorealestate.eu