A new working environment

Well 22


  • Location
  • Surface area
    4700 m2
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IKO is designing NEXT PLACES: new living spaces that respond to key societal and environmental transformations.

Luxembourg’s first WELL Building Standard® certified office building

Behind its facade clad in burnt wood, the Well 22 is intended as a unifying entity. It is a response to new ways of living and working. At the cutting edge of technology, it anticipates tomorrow’s needs. Luxembourg’s first WELL Building Standard certified office building was designed with a holistic approach aimed at its occupants’ well-being and health.

Well 22 is also the first building in Luxembourg to be equipped with a BOS (Building Operating System). Among other things, this system controls all technical and consumption management, depending on the actual occupation of the offices.

A building focused on its occupants’ well-being.

In terms of water, air and light, the entire building design is based on the 10 concepts of WELL Building Standard® certification

ZERO fossil energy

Well 22 operates without fossil fuels, which sets it apart from standard office buildings. Thermoactive slabs eliminate the need for a conventional air conditioning system.

Excellence central to construction

Because every detail counts, IKO has paid meticulous attention to the excellence of the building’s construction.


SMART Buildings serving users

Well 22 is the first building in Luxembourg equipped with a BOS (Building Operating System) and provides all users with a Smart Building application. It responds to new trends and facilitates a healthy life-work balance. Among other things, it manages parking spots and electric car charging sessions, and can reserve meeting rooms or tables at a restaurant.

We have greatly appreciated our collaboration with IKO Real Estate, which shares the same ecological awareness as our agency. Our discussions were always constructive and gave us a great deal. We could always rely on the teams’ responsiveness, and work in complete confidence.
Elodie Lenoir
EL'LE Interior


  • 1.000 m²
    Well 22 provides huge outdoor spaces for the well-being of each employee, and direct access to Howald Forest.
  • 0% fossil energy
    Thanks to the environmental approach adopted right from the design stage, Well 22 operates without any fossil fuels.
  • 4.690 m²
    Over 4,000 m² of office space, with a variety of areas for every time of day.
  • 16 fast charging stations
    To encourage soft mobility, 41 charging points for electric or hybrid cars, 12 charging points for electric bicycles and 2 electric pool cars are also available to employees.
  • Platinum
    Well 22 has been awarded the Platinum level of the WELL Building Standard certification for IKO facilities. With over 80 points, IKO ensures optimum comfort and well-being for all its employees.


Encouraging occupants’ physical activity

Thanks to a fitness room dedicated to the building’s occupants and weekly sessions with coaches, each employee can practise regular physical activity.
The monumental staircase in the centre of the building also encourages movement.


Our approach drives us to constantly do better. Certifications are also tools for continuous improvement.

  • WELL Building Standard®

    WELL 22 was designed according to the WELL Building Standard®. This involves measuring, certifying and monitoring the performance of the built environment, whose characteristics influence the health, comfort, productivity and well-being of the building's occupants.

    BREEAM certification guarantees the building’s environmental performance, and covers energy management criteria, the level of pollution in the building, water management and waste recovery, people management, access to sustainable transport and the occupants’ health and well-being.
Developing the first Smart Building in Luxembourg was a real technical challenge.
Philippe Mars
Senior Project Manager at IKO
An innovative building from the energy and environmental point of view, and the importance of well-being at work.
Xavier Dubois
Project Developper at IKO
Well-being at work in the heart of Howald

Well 22 innovates with new generation offices in Howald.

As well as its technical and environmental aspects and fine location, Well 22 offers a wide variety of workspaces. These can be easily adjusted to employees’ different needs throughout the day.
The ground floor is designed as a warm and friendly space for get-togethers. Without leaving the building, occupants can make the most of a pleasant spot away from it all to eat with colleagues or receive clients. An attractive terrace with a view of nature encourages relaxation, in line with the building’s health and well-being goal.

On the upper floors, we have designed various workspaces so that everyone can find a place that fits their current needs. This is also an effective way of stimulating teams’ creativity. For example, on the third floor, in addition to classic coworking, you will find phone boxes for telephone or video calls, 8 stations dedicated to concentration, dialogue areas for improvised meetings, workshop zones, coffee corners and meeting rooms.