The first wooden office building in Cloche d'Or



  • Location
    Cloche d'Or
  • Surface area
    3.500 m2
  • Delivery
  • Architect
    Baumschlager Eberle Architekten
A design focused on the well-being of occupants.

An ideal place to work, live and socialise

Lying in Cloche d’Or, close to the Coulée Verte (green lung) and the new public park, the building enjoys all the advantages of Cloche d’Or: accessibility, mobility and a wide variety of services on offer. The building is intended as a place to work, live and socialise for its user community, encouraging interaction, creativity, performance and innovation.

With a design geared to promote occupants’ well-being, it is outstanding in terms of its urban situation, iconic façade and environmental goals.

A natural and sustainable material

Our experience in wooden buildings

Drawing on its experience in wooden building construction, IKO is developing the first timber-framed office building in the Cloche d’Or district.
Ekxo has a metal façade designed like an exoskeleton. The rest of the structure is entirely made of wood. This bold design was developed to reduce its carbon footprint.

An iconic building, ekxo revisits the working environment with a design geared to the well-being of its occupants. Ekxo is outstanding in terms of its urban situation, iconic façade, design focused on well-being and environmental goals.

Smart Ready

Smart office management

This especially designed “Smart Building” offers digital services. The basic technical installations, like lighting, blinds and temperature management, access control equipment and lifts, communicate with each other through a dedicated computer network and are designed to factor in digital technology developments.

Controlled office units

It incorporates smart control and management of office units and common areas (lighting, protection from the sun and room probes depending on users’ proximity).

Data collection

Information is collected on the building's energy consumption (meters, photovoltaic production, etc.)

Access control

This oversees all interactions with the building’s access control.


Occupants’ health and comfort

More than just an office building, ekxo will provide a working environment that is also a pleasant place to live, and fosters its occupants’ well-being and health.
As witness its BREEAM and WELL Building Standard® certification, as well as its planned energy certificate for a class « AAA » building.


  • BREEAM Excellent
    The ekxo building’s score of over 70% means an exemplary energy performance.
  • 869 kg/CO2/m²
    We are concerned about our carbon footprint, so ekxo is designed for minimum impact. This carbon weighting is based on BREEAM LCA methodology.
  • WELL Building Standard Gold
    In obtaining the Gold level of the WELL Building Standard, ekxo ensures optimum well-being and comfort for every occupant.
  • 4 charging stations
    To encourage soft mobility, electric charging stations are provided for occupants.
We like collaborating with IKO because we are both keen to develop innovative low-carbon projects that will help improve the urban environment and protect the climate.
Baumschlager Eberle Architekten


A sober, elegant and natural look

The form of the facades is based on an abstract Op art motif. The sloping exoskeleton’s metal structure encapsulates the project’s powerful bioclimatic concept. As well as giving it a unique identity, it shields the thermal shell from sun and the elements, and ensures comfortable use for users throughout the year.
Peripheral walkways with variable widths and motorised external blinds act as passive solar protection, and provide users with outdoor areas on the east and west side facades.
The white metal exoskeleton acts as a filter during the day. The building’s thermal façade with its aluminium cladding is largely glazed, to let in light and enhance the ambiance of the offices’ wooden interiors.

Soft mobility

Ekxo fits well into the urban environment of Cloche d’Or, close to green spaces and all the facilities. This rapidly expanding district encourages soft mobility and the use of public transport. For example, there are two Vel’OH bike-sharing stations only 5 minutes from ekxo. Charging stations for electric bicycles are also provided for the building’s occupants, and car-sharing is encouraged, with a nearby Flex-Carsharing station. Electric cars can also be charged thanks to numerous charging points.


Our approach drives us to constantly do better. Certifications are also tools for continuous improvement.

  • WELL Building Standard®

    A standard based on the performance of a building’s features, which influence health and well-being.

    An assessment of the environmental impact of a building, in view of greener and more sustainable architecture.
An ideal location and well-being central to a new style of architecture

A new iconic building in Cloche d'Or

IKO has designed this new emblematic building in Cloche d’Or with the well-being of its occupants as its main concern. It offers modular, welcoming, friendly workspaces. Numerous areas for socialising are also provided to encourage interaction. These different types of spaces and atmospheres bring about a collective dynamic that fosters greater creativity.

Cloche d’Or is a new area dedicated to business, with a strong environmental commitment, and an ideal location at the entrance to central Luxembourg. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and other services nearby, and ekxo can easily be reached by car (via the motorways), by train, and soon by tram.