Bookazine 2023 for the neighbourhood Rout Lëns

Published on 05/01/24

Discover the Rout Lëns 2023 Bookazine: an exciting fusion of magazine and book that immerses you in the evolution of the future Rout Lëns district. This condensed narrative retraces each stage of the project, highlighting the key players.

An overview of the ecosystem:

The Bookazine doesn’t just recount the facts, it tells the stories of the past year. From the dedicated teams to the service providers involved, each page highlights the people who bring Rout Lëns to life. It’s an insight into the people behind the project.

Cultural Celebration:

Explore a section dedicated to the cultural events and initiatives that make Rout Lëns tick. From artistic collaborations to local festivities, every cultural moment becomes a cornerstone of this dynamic future Esch district.

Journey into the future :

Flip through this Bookazine for a captivating journey to the future Rout Lëns district. From the first sketches to concrete achievements, each page reveals a crucial stage in this transformation. It’s a glimpse of the future that’s being built, an opportunity to feel the energy of change and to imagine the neighbourhood of the future taking shape.

Rout Lëns 2023: Building a Sustainable Future Despite Global Challenges

The year 2023 has been marked by unprecedented global challenges, from the energy crisis to the property crisis and the repercussions of the war in Ukraine. Luxembourg, like the rest of the world, has felt these tremors. Despite these difficulties, the Rout Lëns project is looking to the future with optimism. In this article, we explore developments in the 2023 edition of the Rout Lëns bookazine and highlight the visionary choices that will define the construction of the future.

Global challenges, local solutions:

Despite the global challenges, the team behind Rout Lëns remains confident about the future. The energy and property crisis has prompted in-depth reflection on environmental and energy choices. In 2023, the first permits were submitted, paving the way for the construction of more than 20,000 m2 in 2024. This is a strong signal of perseverance and resilience in a difficult context.

A sustainable future with Callisto :

The Rout Lëns project involves not only the construction of buildings, but also the creation of Callisto, an innovative infrastructure and energy network. The vision of the future is taking shape with the implementation of these elements, demonstrating the commitment to a sustainable future despite the current challenges. Callisto represents a significant step forward in the energy transition, and its positive impact will be felt through renewable energy and eco-responsible choices.

Choosing Energy and Geothermal Energy:

In the face of crisis, Rout Lëns has strengthened its conviction that it has made the right environmental and energy choices. The energy network developed relies entirely on renewable energies, produced in situ. Geothermal energy, highlighted on pages 48 and 51 of the bookazine, is at the heart of this approach. Future homeowners will be the first to benefit from this energy transition, making 2023 a pivotal year for a more sustainable way of life.

Towards 2024, the First Buildings of the Future:

With permits filed and infrastructure in place, 2024 marks the concrete start of construction of the first buildings in the Rout Lëns project. The future is materialising, offering an exciting prospect despite the tumult of the past. The team’s courageous choices promise a place to live that is modern, eco-responsible and in tune with global issues.

Conclusion :

Despite the challenges of 2023, Rout Lëns is positioning itself as an inspiring example of resilience and long-term vision. Strategic energy and environmental choices demonstrate a commitment to a sustainable future. As construction begins in 2024, the project promises to be a pioneer in the creation of modern, responsible communities, ready to face the challenges of today’s world.