Decarbonising the real estate sector

From design to occupancy

We want to design more sustainable and responsible real estate. For us, this vision has to apply to our entire value chain and be part of each stage, from design to the end customer.

By engaging our stakeholders and raising awareness in every occupant, we can create impact.

Our initiatives shape the landscape for several generations, our responsibility is huge.
Eric Lux
Managing Director
Having been involved in Luxembourg and international real estate for over 30 years, I know how far our initiatives shape the landscape for several generations. We have an enormous responsibility. I don't feel it a burden; I see this responsibility as a wonderful opportunity to push out the boundaries.
IKO is lucky to be involved at all levels of the real estate value chain. This means we can positively influence every stage of design, development, construction and operation. Through our choices, we also have an impact on our stakeholders and our industry in general.


  • Certification Carbon Footprint Neutrality
    Through our work with Energie Environnement, we aim to be Carbon Footprint Neutral for the whole district by 2035.
  • Offset actions
    Low Carbon-certified reforestation actions to offset our remaining emissions are planned in the region.
  • Reducing carbon intensity per m2 constructed by 50%.
    By 2035, we will halve the carbon intensity of every m2 we construct over the entire district.
  • 60% of renewable energies produced on site
    100% of Rout Lëns district’s energy requirements will be supplied by sustainable energy and 60% will be produced directly on site. Rout Lëns will be the first in Europe to supply a geothermal network for an entire district.

Green energy

Using renewable energy in every project

We strive to give priority to renewable energy, whether at Well22, an office building that uses no fossil fuels, or in future developments like ekxo and Rout Lëns.

Rout Lëns will also be one of the first districts in Europe to be developed using an energy mix that includes geothermal and photovoltaic energy.


  • 01.Encouraging soft mobility
  • 02.Fostering proximity to multimodal transport hubs
  • 03.Developing car-sharing


A voluntary commitment since 2021

IKO has a role to play in our country’s sustainable development. As a developer and planner, our duty is to anticipate these needs and respond to these challenges in an innovative, responsible way.

In January 2021, IKO was officially certified a Socially Responsible Corporate Citizen by the INDR (National Institute for Corporate Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility). This label acclaims exemplary environmental practices.

In obtaining the Socially Responsible Corporate Citizen label in January 2021, IKO committed itself to a process of continuous improvement to further the various approaches of sustainable development, aiming to push forward the economy and society in which it operates. IKO is one of the ambassadors of CSR.
Anaïs Bourin
Advisor in CSR at INDR


Thanks to our certifications, we work on continuous improvement and constantly develop our standards.

  • WELL Building Standard

    Certification regarding the comfort, well-being and overall health of occupants.

    Certification regarding the building’s environmental performance.
  • Carbon Footprint Neutral

    This is a label that involves reducing CO2 emissions and offsetting residual emissions.
  • Ready To Service

    This label defines the level of requirements for a Smart Building.