Anergy: An Energy Revolution for a Sustainable Future

Published on 28/12/23

In the never-ending quest for sustainable innovation, anergy is emerging as a revolutionary energy solution, offering a cleaner, more efficient future. Explore with us the fundamentals of anergy and discover how it is transforming our approach to energy to create resilient, environmentally friendly communities.

What is Anergie? Anergie goes beyond conventional solutions by establishing a two-way energy exchange loop. This innovative concept is based on geothermal boreholes feeding an intelligent network, unifying buildings for efficient distribution of heat, cold and even electricity.

An innovative joint venture in Luxembourg: CALLISTO S.A. The embodiment of this bold vision is the CALLISTO S.A. joint venture, the result of collaboration between IKO Real Estate, LuxEnergie and Encevo in Luxembourg. The aim of this alliance is to develop the country’s leading energy network, offering an innovative and sustainable approach to energy.

How does energy work on a daily basis? In winter, geothermal probes capture heat from the ground to heat buildings, while in summer they absorb excess heat to provide passive cooling. This intelligent principle, based on more than 300 geothermal boreholes, provides an energy response adapted to the seasons.

Ecological impact and reduction of the carbon footprint: anergy is not simply a technical advance, but an ecological revolution. By covering 100% of the heating and cooling needs of the Rout Lëns district, for example, with geothermal heat pumps, the network is making a significant contribution to reducing the carbon footprint. In addition, half of the electricity required is generated by local photovoltaic panels.

Sandra Huber, Group Chief Development Officer at IKO Real Estate, says the project embodies a commitment to a sustainable future. Emmanuel La Fonta, Group Chief Financial Officer at IKO Real Estate, expresses pride in offering a competitive, high-quality, reliable and sustainable energy resource.

Conclusion: Anergy transcends established energy standards, paving the way for a future where sustainability and efficiency come together in harmony. The CALLISTO S.A. joint venture in Luxembourg represents a crucial step towards this vision, offering a visionary energy alternative for future generations.

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