A mixed use and architectural heritage project



  • Location
  • Office area
    8.600 sqm
  • Delivery
  • Co-development with
    Thomas & Piron Luxembourg
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Promoting social interaction and performance while ensuring individual comfort

Designed around a central atrium, Unicity is a new take on the office block. Natural light reaches the ground floor through a large glass roof.

User-friendly spaces and work areas are alternated to encourage exchanges and ensure each occupant’s well-being.

Flexible office space with multiple possible layouts.

Unicity offers versatile office spaces with multiple possible layouts for activity-based working, open space, co-working and desk-sharing.

The atrium: a light-filled meeting place

The ground floor contains areas for meetings, relaxation, co-working and dining. The wide floors and large glass roof make the very most of the natural light in open spaces and those with dividing walls alike.

Smart Ready

The benefits of a smart building

Unicity is a Smart Ready building, and can thus be managed electronically. This means that the office building can transmit data to an application. This app manages certain technical operations such as adjustments to the HVAC, heating, lighting, security and other systems.

Smart building management optimises consumption, security and the quality of indoor air, promoting the health and comfort of the occupants in each rented office.


A positive human experience

In line with the WELL Building Standard, workspaces are designed to create a human experience that fosters health and well-being. Unicity creates an atmosphere that encourages productivity and interaction between employees.

An example of redeveloping built heritage; a unique place containing offices, apartments and shops, combining innovation and well-being to serve its occupants, ideally located close to Luxembourg’s central railway station.
Olivier Vandenhove
Development Director

A spectacular building with golden metal cladding

The main building, dedicated to offices, integrates and extends an old heritage building. The extension is spectacular, with golden metal cladding and different levels. In keeping with its WELL approach, the building is primarily designed with its occupants’ well-being in mind.

A second white building intended for shops and housing stands opposite, on the other side of a small central square.


Large outdoor greenspaces

A strong connection with nature is created through an esplanade and planted terraces, accessible to all employees at any time of day.

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New apartments central to the initiative

Thomas & Piron are proposing 35 apartments facing the office building. Well-being is also incorporated, as the residence is truly open to nature. The tenants on the first floor enjoy the greenery on the esplanade. Those on the upper floors have an unobstructed view of the leafy terraces of the neighbouring office building.


Our approach drives us to constantly do better. Certifications are also tools for continuous improvement.

  • WELL Building Standard®

    WELL Building Standard® certification is a label that promotes well-being and health in buildings. The standard involves measuring, certifying and monitoring the performance of a built environment, whose characteristics affect people’s health and well-being.

    The office building aims to achieve 'Excellent' certification under the BREEAM standard: a method for assessing the environmental performance of buildings. Unicity's design is part of an engaged, responsible, long-term vision. With its low environmental footprint, it provides a consistent, sustainable ecological response.