250 million euro in six month for Rout Lëns

Published on 05/04/24

Innovation and Commitment: The Core of the Partnership between IKO Real Estate and CLE

IKO Real Estate, by signing contracts worth 250 million euros in six months, has not only reinforced its commitment to the Luxembourgish market but has also laid a cornerstone for the future of sustainable real estate in Luxembourg. The strategic partnership with CLE, initiated under a symbolic rain of renewal, demonstrates a joint will to innovate and build a sustainable future, confirming Éric Lux’s statement: “They are making what we have dreamed of a reality!”

Rout Lëns: A Vision for the Future

The Rout Lëns project stands out not only for its magnitude but also for its commitment to environmentally responsible construction practices. The collaboration with CLE underscores our mutual commitment to minimising the carbon footprint and incorporating innovative materials and construction methods, in line with the Carbon Footprint Neutral label.

The Crucial Phase of the First Step

Work on the first phase of Rout Lëns will begin this summer, marking an important milestone in our collaboration with CLE. This phase includes significant developments on plots 14, 2, and 6, which will demonstrate our ability to realise projects that meet high standards of quality, innovation, and sustainability.

This first phase consists of:

  • Plot 14 of the Specific Development Plan (SDP) Rout Lëns, comprising the buildings of lots 29a (Affordable housing), 29b (d’Haus), and 30 (Liicht), representing a gross buildable area (GBA) of approximately 19,306 m2, with construction scheduled to start this summer for delivery by the end of 2026.
  • Plot 02 of the SDP including a student residence, a senior residence, and a housing complex, totalling a GBA of approximately 25,573 m2.
  • Lot 06 which will host an affordable housing residence, representing about 5,550 m2 of GBA.

A Partnership in Accordance with Community Values

Christophe Herrmann, CEO of CLE, reiterates this commitment: “This collaboration […] embodies our joint commitment to sustainable and innovative construction.” The recognition by the City of Esch, which has chosen to acquire a portion of the housing, validates our vision and our contribution to community well-being.

We are grateful to all our partners and the local community for their ongoing support, which allows us to realise projects aligned with market needs while pursuing a sustainable and innovative perspective for the future of Luxembourg.

Conclusion: A Future Built on Collaboration and Innovation

With the first phase of Rout Lëns underway and a pre-commercialisation rate of 60%, IKO Real Estate asserts itself as a committed leader in the development of a responsible urban future. Through our partnership with CLE, we move confidently towards the realisation of a project that not only redefines the urban space of Esch but also sets new standards for the Luxembourg real estate industry.