An ecological shopping centre between vineyards and the Moselle



  • Location
  • Surface area
    7.300 m2
  • Delivery
  • Architect
    Beiler + François Architectes
An environmental approach in a retail project

Ecological design and functioning

Lying between Remerschen and Schengen, where the borders of Luxembourg, France and Germany meet, Borders is the first shopping centre in the Luxembourg Moselle region.

By giving it a real ecological function, IKO anticipated the discreet integration of the complex into the landscape.


Sheltering protected species

Designed by Tom Beiler, an architect from the Luxembourg firm Beiler + François Architectes, the Borders facades are covered in a mix of wood and plants.
The wooden cladding has a dual purpose. It is aesthetic, as it helps the building blend into the landscape between the vineyards and the Moselle, and environmental, as it provides a home for protected species in the adjacent Natura 2000 zone.