The shopping centre in the heart of Differdange



  • Location
  • Surface area
    13.800 m2
  • Delivery
  • Architect
    Moreno Architecture


The concept of a retail environment as a place to meet people

The Opkorn shopping centre, with its dynamic and varied retail offer, was designed as a place for people to interact. All the services available in Opkorn provide a complete experience in a single venue.


Connecting with history

The building’s architecture is faithful to the local heritage. In a nod to the steel industry, architect Stefano Moreno’s façade sports metal cladding that blends perfectly with its surroundings. A environment that has been given new life, mainly thanks to the Arboria residential district, the EIDD international school and the new entrance to the city.

In the heart of Differdange, Opkorn is a place for living with deep roots in the local identity. The building harks back to the metal-working past that made the region prosperous, while expressing the city's current dynamic.
Stefano Moreno
Moreno Architecture
The choice of sophisticated materials enhances the main aspects of the building. The perforated metal cladding reflects the daylight and illuminates indoor activity at night. The base and side facades, in textured sandblasted concrete, give rhythm to the whole unit and harmonise with the metal components.
The massively-framed pedestrian entrances facing the terraced esplanades are largely glazed, extending the public space into the gallery. A gallery bathed in natural light, thanks to large zenithal openings and a light-coloured stone floor, which creates an elegant, sober atmosphere.


Three beehives encouraging biodiversity

Three beehives on the roof of the shopping centre foster biodiversity by reintroducing bees to the commercial area. Local honey is harvested each year thanks to the expertise of urban beekeeper Hugo Zeller.

For three years now, several beehives have been kept on the green roofs of IKO buildings. The honey from these hives is analysed to gain a better understanding of the plant environment, and new bees are regularly reintroduced.
Hugo Zeler
Urban beekeeper


  • 01.29 shop units
  • 02.6 snack bars and restaurants
  • 03.534 parking spaces


A dynamic centre with a wealth of events

Opkorn offers a large number of events throughout the year. With various themes (sports, art, birthdays, etc.), Opkorn caters for everyone.