Through its intuition and pragmatism, IKO Real Estate successfully identifies lifestyles and uses that will echo throughout the world of tomorrow. In pinpointing these new trends, IKO stays one step ahead and constantly reinvents itself.
Its team collects the faint signals around it, then catalyses these data, givingthem life in the form of innovative, iconic developments.
Because they are based on rigorous standards, these ambitious projects leave a positive, lasting imprint on their environment.

IKO Real Estate has a four-pronged approach:

Making people central to projects once more, enabling them to re-appropriate the urban space.
IKO Real Estate takes people as the starting point in designing neighbourhoods that maximise their well-being. IKO dreams of a peaceful city where people live in harmony with their environment, with “customised” districts catering to individual lifestyles and flexible, and modular living environments ready to accommodate future behaviours: new ways of living, working, moving around, consuming and enjoying leisure time. IKO aims to make urban life easier to free up quality time for its residents. IKO is also the first to invest in the WELL Building Standard® certification process in Luxembourg.

Promoting eco-responsible urban planning and a new sustainable city model
IKO Real Estate is inspired by life to create harmonious ecosystems with an ever-fresh eye. Rooted in its history and looking to the future, an IKO district provides a balance between old and new, buildings and nature, public and private. In terms of eco-responsibility, IKO has been awarded the first BREEAM Excellent certification in Luxembourg, with the highest score ever obtained. But a project’s sustainability is not restricted to its environmental performance. Committed to an ambitious CSR strategy, IKO adopts a holistic approach, taking inspiration from the Sustainable Development Objectives laid down by the United Nations to design projects that are sustainable from every angle.

Using technological innovation to improve the quality of life
IKO Real Estate aims to make technology serve people and their well-being: an integrated technology that is ergonomic, intuitive and in just the right proportion, to develop smart neighbourhoods and buildings, making daily life smoother and facilitating collaboration and interaction. IKO Real Estate, everat the leading edge, belongs to several think-tanks and has even appointed an Innovation Manager to stay firmly at the forefront.

Drawing creative energy from an impassioned, talented, multidisciplinary team
The IKO Real Estate fifty-strong team consists of impassioned people with multidisciplinary profiles, driven by the ambition to always do better. Always on the lookout for new requirements and behaviours,the team constantly reinvents itself to produce iconic, model projects with real meaning for its users. Its members study the faint signals they pick up in the projects they visit and the discussions and themes they encounter in their research. Everything around them provides food for inspiration.