A solidarity-focused centre

Red Cross Centre


  • Location
  • Surface area
    10.000 m2
  • Delivery
  • Architect
The notion of a “home”-like centre sought by the Luxembourg Red Cross is totally in line with IKO's values.

A centre serving its beneficiaries

The creation of the future Centre is part of an overall, sustainable approach where innovation serves the well-being of its employees, and very importantly, the Luxembourg Red Cross’s beneficiaries, volunteers and donors.

The second goal is to unite a multitude of services, currently scattered over several sites, in a single building.


A community centre

The Red Cross is aiming to make this new centre a place for everyone: a focus for solidarity in the heart of Luxembourg. It will house all the services offered by the Luxembourg Red Cross, and will be the association’s new headquarters as well.


  • WELL Building Standard
    Through work based on Well Building Standard certification, the Red Cross Centre ensures optimum well-being and comfort for every occupant.
  • 544 Kg/CO2/m²
    In a concern for our carbon footprint, the Red Cross Centre has been designed for minimum impact. This carbon weighting is based on BREEAM LCA methodology.


Our approach drives us to constantly do better. Certifications are also tools for continuous improvement.

  • WELL Building Standard®

    The standard involves measuring, certifying and monitoring the performance of a built environment, whose characteristics affect the health, comfort, productivity and well-being of the building’s occupants.