Press release: Unicity

06 October 2021

New iconic building in Hollerich
Among the first to foreshadow the neighborhood’s metamorphosis


Luxembourg, October 7, 2021 – As of 2024, the listed facades of 21 rue de Hollerich will be restored to their former glory. The developers IKO Real Estate and Thomas & Piron Luxembourg have joined forces to restore and extend the “Unicity” mixed-use building complex. Its offices, housing and shops will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2024.


Rout Lëns: the “little urban innovation lab”

14 September 2020

Le Quotidien focuses on our Rout Lëns project, and highlights the ground-breaking character of the new district currently under way in Esch-sur-Alzette. Find out how IKO Real Estate is carrying out this “project-lab“, where the aim is to establish it as a place of experimentation for accommodating future lifestyles and environmental issues.

Wooden: one of the country’s most outstanding construction sites

25 August 2020

The magazine Paperjam is dedicating a summer series to the country’s most outstanding building projects, one being the Wooden building in Leudelange! Wooden, Luxembourg’s first office building in wood on this scale, is to house the new headquarters of Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg. It is co-developed by IKO Real Estate and BPI Real Estate, and designed by Art & Build. Read the article and visit the website: !

World Overshoot Day comes 3 weeks later

14 August 2020

As a result of the health crisis, World Overshoot Day occurred three weeks later this year compared to last. This means that on Saturday 22 August, mankind had exhausted as many ecological resources as the planet can renew over the year. In other words, we need the equivalent of 1.6 planets to satisfy our current lifestyles. In 2019, Earth Overshoot Day fell on 29 July; in 1970, on 29 December… At a time when public health and economic recovery are major global concerns, IKO Real Estate is working to put its vision into action, devising new solutions to provide cities whose construction methods preserve our ecosystem, and where the focus is on nature and human beings.
More information on

Arboria seen from the air

30 July 2020

A look at Differdange on the eve of the summer holiday period, where IKO Real Estate is adding the last pieces of the puzzle in the Funicular plateau redevelopment. The Aurea tower (due for delivery in spring 2021), and the last six residences on the park side (to be delivered end 2020 and autumn 2021) will complete the new Arboria living district. Till then, we wish everyone lucky enough to get away an excellent holiday!

Work on the Wooden project in Leudelange gets off to a good start

23 July 2020

The excavators are in full swing in Leudelange, where earthmoving for Wooden has begun! Wooden is the first office building made of wood on this scale in Luxembourg and will house the new headquarters of Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg. Construction of the basement levels will start in the fourth quarter of 2020. Wooden is a joint project between IKO Real Estate and BPI Real Estate, in collaboration with Art & Build. More info on

Omnia Tower rises from the ground in Belval

20 July 2020

Omnia Tower

Three months ago to the day, construction work started up again after a break due to the coronavirus crisis. In Belval, work on the Omnia Tower quickly resumed, and CLE, the builder, is currently pouring the concrete walls of the third level above ground. We can’t wait to see the structural work reach the 15th and final floor in spring 2021 !

Results of the “Homes in lockdown” survey

16 July 2020

IKO Real Estate, keen to learn lessons from the coronavirus crisis, carried out the “Homes in lockdown” survey between 22 May and 30 June on the site Through 25 questions covering four themes (“Work and lockdown”, “Housing and lockdown”, “Your ideal home” and “Your neighbourhood and lockdown”) we found that 81% of respondents had to work at home during lockdown, 73% in a room that was not dedicated solely to work, and that for 70% of respondents, a space outside the home was essential for comfort. You can download the complete results here.

The new Rout Lëns district cited as a model by Bertrand Piccard

13 July 2020

Rout Lëns is in the spotlight in the print edition of Paperjam! The magazine interviewed Bertrand Piccard, psychiatrist, adventurer, aviator, and president of the Solar Impulse Foundation. Among his 1,000 sustainable and profitable environmental solutions to combat climate change, the scientist cites Rout Lëns in Esch: an IKO Real Estate project where users are central to the concept of a new innovative, sustainable model district. Read the article here

Well 22 rises up in Howald

03 June 2020

Take a look at pictures of how the construction of the Well 22 building is progressing in Howald! Well 22 is the first office building to aim for WELL Building Standard® certification.

Conclusions of the “well-being at work” survey

28 May 2020

Here, in Paperjam, you can see the conclusions of the study conducted by INOWAI on well-being at work, in which IKO Real Estate shares its vision as a developer when it comes to promoting well-being through real estate.

IKO Real Estate launches the “Homes in lockdown” survey

25 May 2020

Has lockdown changed your idea of the ideal home? Having been forced to stay in the house 24/7, perhaps combining working at home with homework, you have had the opportunity to test the advantages and possible limitations of your accommodation. Using a Rout Lëns survey, IKO Real Estate wants to understand what you would change today, with a view to designing housing that fits all lifestyles.

Rout Lëns unveils its Industrial Heritage Route

22 May 2020

Rout lens : allée de la culture

Today, IKO Real Estate unveils a key feature of the future Rout Lëns district in Esch: the Industrial Heritage Route. This central pedestrian route forms the backbone of the masterplan, linking each of the site’s heritage features. Find out more in this new documentary on Rout Lëns.

The office building: a lever for well-being

20 May 2020

How can office buildings positively affect their users’ personal development? IKO Real Estate, in collaboration with INOWAI, looks at this question of well-being at work in Paperjam. Discover the IKO Real Estate vision through the testimonials of Nadia Djenadi and Eric Dothée.

WELL Building Standard® certification: focus on the concept of MOVEMENT

18 May 2020

Did you know that five minutes of exercise a day (such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator) can reduce chronic pain such as back pain and headaches by 49%?

IKO Real Estate buildings, registered for WELL Building Standard® certification, is developing an active design to limit sedentary living.

With its architectural staircase bathed in natural light and splendid views of the garden, the Well 22 building encourages people to move around and meet people. Active living is also encouraged by its accessibility on foot or by bicycle, the nearby forest, and changing rooms with showers. Further information on

WELL Building Standard® certification: focus on the concept of SOUND

23 April 2020

The acoustic environment affects our ability to understand auditory information (conversations, sound messages, etc.), and influences our mood, our relationships with others, our health, and our productivity. Noise can reduce our performance by up to 66%.

IKO Real Estate buildings offer flexible layouts to create a soothing indoor environment that fosters concentration and efficiency at work.

Discover Well 22, where modular platforms provide practical, comfortable workspaces ensuring optimal acoustic comfort:, and Wooden, designed around the needs of its main tenant, Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg:

A look back at the Innovation Camp dedicated to Rout Lëns

20 April 2020

Luxinnovation presents the Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg’s Innovation Camp concept on its site. This is a chance to look back at the edition organised last July by IKO Real Estate in the context of the rehabilitation of the Rout Lëns site as a new sustainable district in Esch. Forty high school students between, the ages of 16 and 19 took part in the event. “We got to understand the real expectations of these young people and the way they see their lifestyles,” says Eric Lux. “Aside from the quality of their presentations, I was delighted to see how enthusiastic they were. They came up with a lot of ideas (…) that we are going to incorporate (…)” Read more in the article.

World Autism Awareness Day

02 April 2020

Today sees the “blue wave” of World Autism Awareness Day: a cause that particularly speaks to our colleagues in the IKO’L team. Thanks to their generous support, the IKO’L has collected donations enabling the Luxembourg Autism Foundation to organise inclusive outings for people with autism, fund holiday camps and create a sixth foster home in Rambrouch. If you would like to participate, there is still time to donate, or you can simply share a blue photo or drawing to raise awareness among your friends and family that 1% of Luxembourg’s population is autistic.

WELL Building Standard® Certification: focus on the concept of WATER

23 March 2020

Yesterday was World Water Day: an opportunity to focus on the fifth concept in WELL Building Standard® certification: WATER.

Access to water and water quality are health issues that affect all of us. Did you know that our cognitive performance drops when we are 2% dehydrated? And that in a state of dehydration, short-term memory is reduced by 28%? In its offices, IKO Real Estate guarantees its teams access to high quality water, which it constantly monitors.

A big hand to the IKO’L team

09 March 2020

In the wake of International Women’s Day, IKO Real Estate gives a big hand to the four members of the IKO’L team – four women who outdid themselves in rising to an all-female challenge: the charity trek “Elles marchent” (Women Walking). They covered nearly 120 km in the Moroccan desert in temperatures of up to 46°C, proudly sporting the colours of the Luxembourg Autism Foundation. You can read about their experience on their Facebook page.

International Women’s Day 2020

08 March 2020

Alexandra, Aline B., Aline P., Brigitte, Carine, Fanny, Hélène, Julie S., Julie W., Ketty, Laura, Mart, Nadia, Sabine, Sandra, Sandrine, Séverine, Sonia and Valérie: 19 women, 2 generations, 5 nationalities and countless backgrounds that have all come together at IKO Real Estate. “Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world,” as the UN says in its fifth sustainable development objective.

Interview with Eric Lux on his involvement with Chaplin’s World

03 March 2020

Today on Paperjam, Eric Lux talks about his commitment to Chaplin’s World By Grévin, including “a respectful approach to renovating old buildings” and the surprises turned up by in-depth renovation work.

IKO Real Estate: project manager of Chaplin’s World by Grévin

02 March 2020

Did you know that IKO Real Estate was responsible for managing the renovation project at the Manoir de Ban, Charlie Chaplin’s home in Switzerland, and the construction of the new wing of Chaplin’s World By Grévin? On Paperjam, you can find the interview with Béatrice De Reynies, General Manager of Chaplin’s World, who praises the involvement of Eric Lux and Eric Dothée: “They have renovated the manor and constructed the new building to extremely demanding standards, making this estate a truly splendid working instrument.”

Have you heard of “Incredible Edibles”?

25 February 2020

Today, IKO Real Estate hosted an event called “Concentré de concentriques” (“concentrate of concentrics”) by FAAST, the innovative sustainable property think-tank. The programme included sustainable design and furniture and “Incredible Edibles”. Have you heard about them? The concept was devised in 2008 in Todmorden, a little English town seriously affected by deindustrialisation. The idea was to turn public areas into shared vegetable gardens, with produce given away for free. An inspiring initiative that has spawned similar ventures in over 500 towns in 25 countries throughout the world!

WELL Building Standard® Certification: focus on the concept of LIGHT

18 February 2020

A focus on the fourth concept in WELL Building Standard® certification: LIGHT. Natural light and good lighting improve alertness, well-being and productivity.

Through their architectural design and aspect, IKO Real Estate buildings are designed to maximise the use of natural light. In addition, we provide optimum lighting that enhances users’ comfort.

More info about Wooden, whose façades will be fully glazed on six floors. And more info about Well 22, the first office building in Luxembourg to integrate WELL Building Standard® certification.

Luxembourg’s overshoot day

17 February 2020

Since yesterday, Sunday 16 February 2020, i.e. 47 days after the start of the year, Luxembourg has been living on “ecological credit” – meaning that the country has exhausted its renewable resources for 2020 and has begun to tap irreversibly into its non-renewable reserves. Only Qatar had an earlier overshoot day, on 11 February. One more reason to get moving and breathe life into the IKO Real Estate vision: devising fresh solutions for cities where building methods preserve our ecosystem and nature and human beings regain their rightful place. #MoveTheDate

Aurea in Differdange: a pilot Lean site

30 January 2020

The general contractor CLE Compagnie Luxembourgeoise d’Entreprises and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) have made our Aurea Tower in Differdange a LEAN pilot site!  So, what does LEAN mean? It’s a method designed “to do more and more with less and less”. In this case, the construction logistics chain is optimised by setting up a CCC (Construction Consolidation Centre) in Bettembourg, the first of its kind in Luxembourg, with help from CFL multimodal. Here, all construction materials are centralised, listed and palletised for each destination and are used like “ready-made” kits. They are allocated QR Codes for Just In-Time routing to the precise floor or apartment where they are to be used. This innovative solution reduces the transport of materials, saves storage space on-site and improves the efficiency of each player involved in the project, while controlling the blockchain. CLE has learned some useful lessons from this pioneer site, and can now establish reproducible, tested solutions to create a new sustainable company model. IKO Real Estate is delighted to help create collaborative processes serving innovation and sustainability!

WELL Building Standard® Certification: focus on the concept of MATERIALS

28 January 2020

A focus on the third concept in WELL Building Standard® certification: MATERIALS

IKO Real Estate has always endeavoured to use local, healthy construction materials. For our two Wooden office developments in Leudelange and Well 22 in Howald, IKO decided to use wood, a natural, renewable local resource, which also satisfies the values of biophilic design. (Biophilia is human beings’ innate affinity with the natural world.) By integrating natural components into the built environment, IKO responds to this spontaneous need for connection and fosters the well-being of the occupants.

More info on Wooden, the first wooden office building on this scale in Luxembourg: and more info on Well 22, with its burnt wood façade based on an traditional Japanese method:

Wooden: the first wooden office block on this scale in Luxembourg

14 January 2020

IKO Real Estate is proud  to announce that it is co-developing the new head office of Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg with BPI Real Estate. Overlooking the Am Bann business zone in Leudelange, Wooden is the first office block made from this material on this scale in Luxembourg, and the second administrative building in the country with WELL Building Standard® certification. The architecture is designed by the international firm Art & Build, which has over ten years’ experience in wood construction. Excavation work begin in the spring of 2020, and delivery is scheduled for the second half of 2022.

More info on

In Belval, the Omnia Tower is sold out!

07 January 2020

In Belval, the 106 apartments in the Omnia Tower have all found buyers! A co-development between IKO Real Estate and Luxembourg Capital in collaboration with Moreno Architecture, marketed by Dan BECK Immobilière and LCRE.

WELL Building Standard® Certification: focus on the concept of THERMAL COMFORT

17 December 2019

The indoor temperature not only affects energy consumption but also plays a major role in the quality of life inside buildings. An environment that is too hot or too cold reduces our performance.


Inside the Well 22 office building, IKO Real Estate guarantees maximum thermal comfort through the improved design and greater control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


Discover the solutions provided by Well 22, that guaranteeing its occupants optimum comfort and well-being, on

In Differdange, the Arboria district is sold out!

13 December 2019

The 728 lodgings in the Arboria district in Differdange are all sold! IKO Real Estate has been involved in Differdange since 2003 and will put the final touches on the conversion of the Funicular plateau with the delivery of the last three apartment buildings on the park side in the summer of 2021. Focused on quality of life and a multi-functional approach, the Arboria district was designed with support from the firms Dewey Muller Architectes et Urbanistes, Förder Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Christian Bauer, Tatiana Fabeck, m3 architectes, Moreno Architecture and Beiler François Fritsch. It was built in collaboration with Karp Kneip Constructions, SOLUDEC, Costantini, CDCL, Thomas & Piron Bau and CLE, and marketed by Carré Immo and Dan Beck Immobilière.

The IKO’L team prepares for the women’s charity trek “Elles marchent”

03 December 2019

IKO Real Estate is proud to present its team of four female employees, who will be taking part in the all-women charity trek “Elles Marchent” (Women Walking) in March 2020. The challenge consists of walking between 100 and 120 km over four days in the Moroccan desert, while highlighting and raising money for their chosen charity: the Luxembourg Autism Foundation. Our warmest encouragement goes to Nadia Djenadi, Julie Sacré, Séverine Leick and Sonia Bellissimo, who will together be representing the Grand Duchy in “Elles Marchent” in the first week of March 2020! Follow their Facebook page.

75% post-consumer recycled aluminium used in the Aurea Tower project

26 November 2019

IKO Real Estate is highly committed to an environmentally friendly approach and has discovered Hydro CIRCAL 75R aluminium, which consists of at least 75% post-consumer recycled aluminium and is produced by Sapa Building System. Used for the first time in Luxembourg at our Aurea Tower in Differdange, this aluminium comes mainly from the dismantled Jean Monnet 1 building, from which materials were recovered and sorted. So, we’ve come full circle in the Grand Duchy, and this is a fine example of local, sustainable circular economy: all values are aligned with the IKO vision. A project carried out in collaboration with a general contractor.


WELL Building Standard® Certification: focus on the concept of AIR

14 November 2019

Indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside, and polluted indoor air can lead to intellectual fatigue and loss of productivity. In contrast, our productivity increases by 18% in a well-ventilated working environment with better quality air. WELL Building Standard® certification provides higher quality air thanks to the elimination or reduction of polluting compounds and constant control. Discover the solutions offered by Well 22, guaranteeing optimum comfort and well-being to its occupants, on

IKO Real Estate adopts WELL Building Standard® certification

13 November 2019

WELL Building Standard® certification is designed to increase the comfort and well-being of buildings’  occupants through 10 concepts, adopting a holistic approach to well-being in the building and its environment in terms of air, water, materials, light, food, sound, temperature, mind, community and movement. With WELL certification, buildings are designed to create a positive human experience, improve employee productivity and strengthen their loyalty to a company. Well 22 is the first office building in Luxembourg to adopt WELL Building Standard® certification. Discover the 10 concepts on

Energy Transition Dialogue in Luxembourg

25 October 2019

Yesterday, IKO Real Estate attended the “Energy Transition Dialogue in Luxembourg” staged by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). An opportunity to take stock of smart energy technologies involving low carbon emissions and rise to the challenges of the energy transition.

IKO Real Estate celebrates 30 years

24 October 2019

Last week-end, the entire IKO Real Estate team and our colleagues at Genii Capital and Lucron Development in Slovakia got together to celebrate IKO’s 30th anniversary at the Château d’Urspelt. A fun and memorable event, and a fine way to start the next 30 years in a vibrant frame of mind!

The new Well 22 building in Howald

15 October 2019

Discover the Well 22 experience in Howald with the first office building to adopt WELL Building Standard® certification in Luxembourg. Its IKO Real Estate design provides a response to new ways of living and working, focused on the well-being of its occupants.

Rout Lëns: three artworks now grace the site

11 October 2019

Today saw the inauguration of three artworks installed at the Rout Lëns site in Esch. For these projects, IKO Real Estate collaborated with the Kulturfabrik Esch-sur-Alzette, as part of the Kufa’s Urban Art festival, to highlight the future district and begin its reintegration into the city. This was only the first step, as IKO aims to make art a long-term presence in the Rout Lëns district. Find out more about Julie Wagener’s flags and the frescoes by Eric Mangen and Sascha Di Giambattista in this new documentary on Rout Lëns!

WELL Building Standard® Certification

03 October 2019

Do you know about WELL Building Standard® certification? Launched in the United States in 2014 after six years of research, this standard was developed in collaboration with two clinics to integrate scientific and medical knowledge into recognised practices in terms of building design, construction and management. In contrast with other accreditations in the building sector, the focus here is on the occupants, through ten concepts promoting a holistic approach to well-being in the building and its environment. IKO Real Estate is the first property developer in Luxembourg to incorporate the WELL Building Standard® into its approach, thus offering a new vision where human beings and nature are central to the development of its projects.

IKO Real Estate celebrates 30 years

30 September 2019

In 1989, the Dalai Lama received the Nobel Peace Prize, the Lambada swept through the dance floors, Tim Burton’s first Batman was a smash hit in cinemas and the Berlin Wall came down. And IKOGEST was founded. Thirty years on, IKO Real Estate has 40 employees, all passionate about our work: land use planning, development and property investment.

The Aurea Tower is sold out!

16 September 2019

SOLD OUT! 100% of the 138 apartments in the Aurea Tower in Differdange have been sold. The figurehead of the Arboria district, standing next to the Opkorn shopping centre, will be delivered in 2021, putting the final touch to the development of the Funicular plateau.

IKO Real Estate interviewed by the ArcelorMittal Steligence® division

09 September 2019

IKO Real Estate agreed to do an interview for the Steligence® division of the ArcelorMittal Europe Group on subjects including sustainable construction and buildings’ life cycles. And what better setting could there be than Rout Lëns!

IKO Real Estate says no to plastic bottles

23 August 2019

It takes 10cl of petroleum, 80g of coal, 42l of gas and 2l of water to produce one plastic bottle. An absurdity that is rapidly explained in these images: And yet in 2018, we consumed 6,800 bottles at IKO Real Estate. Last December, IKO decided to ban plastic bottles from its offices. Staff and those invited to meetings can now drink tap water – still, slightly sparkling or sparkling – thanks to a sophisticated filtering system and our attractive, endlessly reusable glass jugs.

Memories of the Rout Lëns site… watch the film

23 July 2019

Did you know that the Lentille Terres-Rouges site in Esch had been considered as a site for the Rockhal concert hall and the University? The steel plant, founded in 1870, became a wasteland in 1977. Discover the history and future prospects of the Rout Lëns district in this short documentary that lasts less than five minutes. An IKO Real Estate film made in collaboration with Séquence Productions.

Discover the report on the Rout Lëns participatory process

17 July 2019

IKO Real Estate has now published the report on the participatory process organised as part of the Rout Lëns project in Esch-sur-Alzette. This consultation was based on tools in the form of a survey and participatory workshops. The project management team will now be able to use all the information and ideas that have emerged from this community input. The Rout Lëns project involves converting the former “Lentille Terres-Rouges” steel plant wasteland into a new sustainable, innovative, model district.

An “Innovation Camp” for young people to brainstorm on the Rout Lëns district

09 July 2019

Yesterday, IKO Real Estate staged an “Innovation Camp” with the Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl organisation. Throughout the day-long event, 40 young people aged between 16 and 19 focused their attention on “Young people’s place in tomorrow’s cities” and more specifically in the Rout Lëns district. Their results were presented to a panel of professionals, and we were truly delighted with the wealth of ideas they came up with. A big thank you to the participants and congratulations to the winners!

Rout Lëns: a call for ideas from professionals

21 May 2019

Just as with the participatory process involving the community in the Rout Lëns development, IKO Real Estate launched a call for ideas from water and energy management professionals. The twenty-odd Luxembourg-based companies that responded proposed highly innovative and ingenious solutions. The winners, which will now put their concepts into action, are IDES Sàrl for the energy aspect, and the grouping consisting of PROgroup S.A., +ImpaKT Luxembourg Sàrl, B.E.S.T. and DAL ZOTTO & ASSOCIES for water. Congratulations to all of them for their positive contribution to the project!

RTL Télé turns up to the Rout Lëns workshops

13 May 2019

Did you see the evening news yesterday on RTL? Their cameras came along to the second Rout Lëns participatory workshop in Esch: a highly productive session that attracted some fifty participants. IKO Real Estate and its partner CityTools will now be analysing the suggestions put forward as part of a participatory process. Look out for the report when it is published in mid-June.

IKO Real Estate at the “Hallz We Need” conference

26 April 2019

The Hallz We Need conference series has united the southern region’s driving forces in an innovative vision of the future, based on a considerable natural and industrial heritage. Today, the fourth conference is being held on the theme “Converters: innovative development of industrial wastelands that preserves our heritage”. Our team member Eric Dothée is presenting our Rout Lëns conversion project in Esch.

Property 4.0

10 April 2019

Last week, the staff of IKO Real Estate attended a workshop on the theme of Property 4.0, organised by the experts from the PropTech Lab (Belgium). Their missions included fostering innovation and assisting companies through the digital transition in property: issues that have a special resonance with IKO, whose two chief mainstays are “the technology challenge” and “the digital and participatory economy”.

Urban Farming and greenifying buildings

09 April 2019

IKO Real Estate is sponsoring the conference held on 23 May by Neobuild S.A. on the topic “How to make cities more sustainable through plants: urban farming and the greenification of buildings”. The subject speaks keenly to our team, as our corporate vision involves reconciling human beings and nature and makes this aspect central to our projects, including by introducing plants to districts and buildings.

IKO joins the “World Alliance for Efficient Solutions”

26 March 2019

IKO Real Estate is now a member of the “World Alliance for Efficient Solutions”: an initiative from the Solar Impulse Foundation, led by Bertrand Piccard. This platform puts companies seeking solutions in touch with creators of innovative green technologies. IKO is delighted to be able to extend its field of research on innovative solutions, which will be applied to the new Rout Lëns district and other ongoing projects. And to quote Bertrand Piccard himself: “We need to adopt clean technologies and effective solutions because as well as being ecological, they are LOGICAL”